Just Just How To : Diagnose Your Car’s Check Motor Light Having an Android Phone

Combining the Adapter together with your Phone

Once you have got the adapter hooked as much as your vehicle’s OBD-II slot, it is time to set the unit together with your phone. Therefore start the Bluetooth settings menu on your own phone and start to scan for products, then quickly unplug the adapter that is OBD-II your car or truck for a couple seconds before plugging it back in. When you have done that, turn your key forward to your « On » place.

At this stage, your OBD-II adapter should appear within the listing of nearby Bluetooth devices. The like your phone, choose the adapter that is OBD-II then go into the PIN whenever prompted, which will be usually « 0000 » or « 1234 » (if neither among these work, make reference to the documents that was included with your adapter). The unit should be connected to now your smartphone. Plus »