Urgent call for increased international help to farmers’ organisations to answer the COVID-19 crisis

AgriCord is quite gathering that is busy circulating information through the industry, in the situation of agricultural value chains global. We give farmers’ organisations and agri-agencies tangible tools to evaluate well the energy, urgency and level that is critical of actions. We do that in trade with farmers’organisations global, they encounter this as being a crisis that is global that they are typical involved and certainly will help one another – interaction is really important.

We understand this with concentrate on adaptive capability of farmers’ organisations for them to add now and in addition donate to recovery following the crisis.

We give attention to robust food that is local. There was an exodus ongoing in Africa through the metropolitan areas to rural areas. A few meals imports to towns have fallen as a result of closing of edges for export from a few rice countries that are exporting Asia. Meals conflicts and tensions are likely.

Meals costs are increasing. This might noticeably raise regional agricultural organizations and their cooperatives (production, processing), if perhaps the enabling conditions are there. You will find particularly problems that are significant the input chains while 50 % of Africa is with in its early spring. You will find obstructed areas. There are disrupted labour markets. A great deal could possibly be resolved by:

  1. simple, low priced innovations to obtain the logistics of transportation, collection and circulation of produce and inputs going. We speak about electronic solutions and revolutionary inputs. Plus »