Look at this If You Do Not Learn How To Communicate With Anyone Who Has Autism

Photo this situation: somebody with autism sees an approaching neurotypical carrying a purse that is giant and says, “Just once I thought things couldn’t get purse!”

First, there’s the misunderstanding: “What’s that expected to suggest? You don’t just like me right here?” replies the neurotypical.

Second, there’s the make an effort to make clear the misunderstanding: “Oh, um, i did son’t suggest … we intended … it had been allowed to be a pun,” the autistic person offers, awkwardly.

3rd, there’s the presentation of the neurotypical’s offended feelings as a result of the misinterpretation: “Oh yeah, right, you imagine we make things worse!”

4th, the autistic person’s attempt that is second explain: “Nooo … it was your bag …”

And, finally: “Whatever, I’m away from here.”

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