I have a serious TMJ condition now, and I desire I experienced never stopped drawing my thumb because

If that stupid torus was not when you look at the roof of my lips, I would personally draw my thumb because I’m able to tell it can assist, but my thumb nail digs straight to that thing if We also decide to try. We hate it, and I also would happily have space, bucked teeth in place of this pain that is horrible.

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i have sucked my thumb since being when you look at the womb (my mom could see regarding the scan) i am 29 now and want to do so. I’d like to manage to stop but simply can not rest without carrying it out. We additionally utilize any available fabric that is soft rub my nose. I have always told boyfriends in addition they appear to think its pretty but apart from family members and old buddies no one else understands. Rhianna sucks her thumb too, and also other celebs, therefore don’t be embarrassed people.

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i am 43 and I sporadically draw my thumb. It takes place when i will be therefore engrossed using what i am doing, like reading guide or viewing a film. I really don’t noticed I’m sucking my thumb until it begins harming.

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i will be happy there are more individuals anything like me on earth. I will be 19 yrs. Old and I also nevertheless draw my thumb. My parents understand about any of it and my siblings too, but I usually do in key, once I watch television, have always been reading, or am just bored.

We told my psychologist about that and she explained for me that is the method We calm my nerves and it’s really absolutely nothing bad, simply whenever I’m prepared to leave it is and may also perhaps perhaps perhaps not, that is choice.

I do not think I’m harming you aren’t this. Plus »