Doesn’t planning to date a bisexual guy make you a bad person?So, are these ladies bad individuals?

Therefore, are these females people that are bad? Will not attempting to date a guy because he could be bisexual biphobic? The stark reality is, whenever fighting for equality we need to be practical. Calling every person whom states one thing we don’t like “phobic” does relatively small to improve hearts and minds. And unfortunately, i’d have no friends if I believed everyone who didn’t want to date a bisexual was a bad person.

It may also be dangerous in the event that you insinuate anybody should find some body appealing. A bisexual man so what’s key here is the intent and what it all comes down to is the reason you wouldn’t date.

Then yes the votes are in, you’re buying into harmful bisexual stereotypes based on prejudice and biphobia if you wouldn’t date a bisexual man because you think he’s secretly gay and not being honest about his sexuality, would cheat, will never be satisfied by one person, or is an STI risk. Plus »