Bauhaus As to being with ladies, I became sexually pleased, but I would personally notice, desire, fantasize about, want men.

Thank you for the thoughtful reaction!

We don’t have actually the yearnings that are same ladies, whenever I’m with a guy. I’m complete. I have on very well with females, have always been intimately suitable, but We don’t relationship beyond intercourse.

Yeah, I’ve had years long relationships with males.

We don’t know what your circumstances is, many of my gay friends have actually had the oppertunity to possess intercourse with females, whenever there are two guys included. That they had wished to take to, see what it is like, but couldn’t function. Having another guy together with them facilitated, and made the experience pleasurable.


@Bauhaus: Why did your GAY buddies would like to try. Are your pals teens or attempting to get “straight? ” Either vagina gets you horny or it does not. We question this self-torture and manipulation to complete a feminine. I also question the psyche of a” that is“woman/female would indulge them. It is not like they wish to be STAIGHT4PAY for some hundred dollars.


To see just what it had been like. They weren’t intimately thinking about females after all, never ever made it happen once more.

Trust in me, lots of ladies has intercourse with homosexual males. Lots. There clearly was no manipulation, it absolutely was experimentation that is purely sexual. They certainly were all grownups.


@Bauhaus: the next occasion, let them know a frozen chocolate covered banana will be as pleasing, also for white guys who PREFER “no Blacks! ”


Forget them; i will think about a things that are few want to do with that recommendation, however!

@Bauhaus: “As to being with ladies, I became sexually satisfied, but I would personally notice, desire, fantasize about, want guys. Plus »