LGBT & Queer Dating Tips — What I Wish I Had Known! | Tips from an LGBT Blogger

Brianne Huntsman

Jan 12 В· 6 min read

There’s bull crap within the LGBTQ+ community, that dating when you emerge is much like going right on through junior high again.

Growing up in rural Utah, everybody else got their awkward relationship jitters call at junior high and school that is high. Freak outs over texting, embarrassing crush confessionals, etc etc.

So when you begin dating as a person that is lgbtq+ alllll those junior high feels enter phase right — which is a FEELINGS PARTY.

And mine turned up with GUSTO once I arrived on the scene. (That entire story has arrived.)

[Note: I’m us i ng “coming down” in this context to denote some time the place where a person chooses up to now not in the cis/hetero experience. Plus »