We now have ladies who assert on their own in typically male dominated disciplines, it’s no feat that is small.

I will be really pleased with all of the women that are talented BI. Today, 8 March, we celebrate Women’s Day!

There are more women than men who complete higher education in Norway today. It is free adult webcam good, nevertheless the authority that is academic encounter in the class room continues to be often a . It do not need to be therefore. I do believe it’s important we have more ladies among the list of BI faculty. That more of our students encounter a lady professor when you look at the class room, more and more people get a lady supervisor that is academic. That more of our workers have boss that is female. It is about more than equality, liberties and concepts. It really is as to what makes BI a far better school. In my opinion that an increased percentage of females in leadership functions and positions that are academic BI a far better organization for training.

I will be really happy with our women. We now have numerous role that is good among our female workers. We now have ladies who assert by themselves in typically male dominated disciplines, it really is no feat that is small. We now have feminine staff, pupils and alumni whom distinguish on their own since they’re highly skilled. This is the quality that talks for itself.

BI efforts for sex equality

In 2007, BI defined objectives plus an action policy for sex equality within the ongoing work with variety and equality. The key objective for BI is the fact that all workers must have exactly the same liberties, responsibilities and possibilities aside from intercourse, age or nationwide / ethnic beginning. Plus »