I’m Bisexual, I’m Married, and I also Would You Like To Explore My Sex. ‘Does Which Make Me Personally A label?’

Not to ever be cheesy, but your job that is only is be your self. This really is sex that is real genuine Answers: An advice line that understands that intercourse and sex is complicated, and well worth chatting about freely and without stigma and that, often, this means reaching off to a complete stranger online for assistance. Rachel Charlene Lewis is a reader that is long-time journalist inside the intimate health area, and is never ever perhaps perhaps perhaps not referring to sexuality. Why perhaps maybe not get in on the discussion?

Personally I think like increasingly more, We learn about bisexuals being greedy and that is“slutty being unsure of whatever they want. It is an awful, harmful label. I understand that. But just what if it is… real? I’m married (monogamous) and I want to explore my sexuality, and it’s pretty much a nightmare come to life for me. I don’t want to offer any longer legitimacy up to a label which has made my entire life, plus the full life of bisexual people, difficult for such a long time. But we additionally feel just like I’m denying myself the ability to be whom i will be, which may just be considered a messy bisexual. Do we hold my emotions in and simply behave like they aren’t here? Or do we risk destroying my relationship that is entire and much more harm to the bi community’s reputation? Plus »