Progress report: ERA, pay day loan laws, ban on utilization of cellular phones while driving advance

Within the 4th week of our historic General Assembly session, both the Senate therefore the home of Delegates voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment after having a battle that is 50-year. Our clerks sent the ratifications into the Archivist associated with usa, and today the battle moves to Congress therefore the courts.

We’d a long debate in the Senate on repealing unneeded limitations on women’s access to reproductive health, including needing an intrusive, medically-unnecessary ultrasound before looking for an abortion and guidelines made to make abortion clinics excessively costly to make. The Senate voted 20-20, therefore the lieutenant governor broke the tie to accept the measure.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee passed my legislation to eviscerate predatory financing in Virginia. The balance provides a 36% rate of interest cap with month-to-month costs that end in yearly portion interest levels of 50-110%, with respect to the duration of the mortgage. The longer the loan, tiny the price.

The bill would prohibit the 267% loans presently permitted at name loan providers, companies that have actually exploded along U.S. 1 and loans that are online made at prices surpassing 400%. We anticipate A senate floor that is tough battle. Your house has recently passed legislation that is similar.

The Senate Transportation Committee authorized my bill to repeal the 2004 legislation needing motorists to show status that is legal get a Virginia driver’s permit. We have struggled to obtain 5 years with Sen. Jennifer Boysko, D-33 rd , of Fairfax County, and Del. Rob Bloxsom, R-100 th , of Norfolk, to pass through this bill.

The utilization of federal ID that is real eliminates the necessity for motorists to show appropriate status, that will be necessary for a Real ID compliant driver’s licenses. Plus »