How exactly to Hook Up a xbox 360 console to a Samsung LCD TELEVISION

Things you will require

Xbox AV, component, or HDMI cables

Your xbox 360 console game console is capable of connecting to a number of tv sets supplied you’ve got the proper cables. As the way of linking your console to your Samsung LCD TELEVISION will be different according to the style of your set, the general procedure is quite simple and easy will likely not take you a lot more than a few momemts, meaning you will be gaming once again very quickly at all.

Utilizing composite AV cables

Energy off both your xbox 360 console and Samsung LCD TELEVISION.

Get the composite AV input in your TV. These are going to be labeled one thing such as « AV Input » and certainly will contain a red and white input for sound, and a yellow for video clip. When your TV does not have these inputs, you will have to utilize an RF modulator alternatively.

Insert the composite AV cables to the television, ensuring the red, yellowish, and connectors that are white along with regarding the input you are placing them into.

Plug the other end of this cable to the AV input into the straight straight back of your xbox 360 elite.

Power in your television and xbox 360 console. Set the television input it is therefore in « AV » or « Audio/Video » display mode. How this is accomplished differs from model to model, so make reference to your user’s manual. Plus »