A stonecutter learns whom the essential essential guy in the planet is. Dolls turn out to try out at evening on Doll’s Day.

A traveling performer gets lost for a hill through the night, and encounters a mountain grannie. The grannie asks him to execute. An envelope is found by a monk of income for a child known as « Sentoku. A thief assists a boy that is sick of stealing. A horse, a pet, your dog, and a chicken carry on a journey. Tales are offered for ten coins.

A man washes their horse into the river, additionally the horse is assaulted by wicked imps. a financial obligation. A lord and a woman that is peasant breathtaking poems. a kid comes into the world from a peach and beats a demon perform from episode a person saves a turtle that is being bullied, and it is taken up to an undersea palace repeat from episode Crab kids look for vengeance on a monkey whom hurt their mom this story is a renewal.

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A greedy guy discovers a shrine that doubles their cash. A guy saves a spider and marries an attractive girl, whom makes him rich together with her splendid weaving. An employee is terrified of meat buns this story is really a renewal. A raindrop monster. A demon places a carpenter within an undesirable deal this story is a renewal. Plus »