Transition or failure? Redefining the “End” of Polyamorous Relationships

Not necessarily the final End: Modifications and Continuity

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For many participants, virtually no longer having intercourse failed to signal the conclusion of a relationship, but instead a change up to a phase that is new. The emphasis of the relationship changed to a non-sexual interaction but the emotional and social connections remained continuous in these cases. JP — a 68-year old white girl with five kiddies, eight grandchildren, and another great-grandchild — was in fact hitched eight times, four of these to her very very first spouse Richard, with who she retained an emotionally intimate, non-sexual relationship. Showing on her long and diverse relationship with Richard, which started in senior high school once they “got expecting and got married straight away – both of us had been virgins so we got expecting on our very first time, that is amazing!” JP stated that:

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