Guest Post: Internet Dating for Pro Females

Internet dating is something we’ve talked about from time for you to time on Corporette, such as for example whenever we asked you for the favorite online dating services for smart chicks, in addition to talking about where to find time and energy to date when you’re busy, when you should break it well, how to date a busy man, and exactly how up to now some guy with increased time (or less cash) than you. I’ve been off the marketplace for a little while, and so I asked reader Kryss Shane to guest post — this woman is a twin licensed psychotherapist who additionally does life mentoring, and offers private Skype sessions for self-pay customers. Thank you for visiting the web log, Kryss!

Each known for their own crowd (one full of Christians, one just for those wanting to hook up, etc.) as Kat tells me, when she was last single, there were a few main online dating sites for smart women. Plus »