Replens, an estrogen-free moisturizer that is vaginal plumps up severely atrophied tissue.

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Discover bargains and cost savings on plants, gift ideas and much more being an AARP member. Q: i am a man that is 54-year-old. We often have intercourse a couple of times a week but never ever a lot more than that. Personally I think like i am actually reducing. Will there be something very wrong beside me, or perhaps is this precisely how it goes? A: Your price is typical. If you are nevertheless making love twice a week when you pass 60, you will be doing a lot better than average. Guys do have a tendency to slow straight down because they age. A variety of factors — decreasing testosterone levels, aging knees, less overall power — makes you would you like to read a beneficial guide, not need a great bonk. But that does not result in the intercourse you do have less fulfilling. Plus »