The endings in this part are triggered via random possibility while pursuing the type from the ending.

I suggest prioritizing these endings if the event occurs to pop up, as possible extremely aggravating to replay the overall game over and over so that they can stimulate the big event you may need. Many people distribute rumors about places triggering these occasions, but that’s 100% untrue. The habits folks are observing are only RNG screwing together with them.

Battling Damien

You don’t already have to ensure success the activities about this path! You enter this route whenever Damien gets annoyed (as constantly) and you also either claim become a pragmatist (Smarts) or perhaps you begin dancing (Fun). The next occasion involves Damien and a banana, additionally the last occasion involves Vera and Scott referring to the fight that is big. In my opinion you are able to select such a thing whenever likely to prom and this occasion shall activate anyhow, but choose Damien if you would like the possibility at love. Your closing is only romantic it seems the secret ending counts no matter what if you get some of the events right, but. Plus »